Making a choice to full-time RV is one we did not make lightly.  It was a matter of education, inspiration and a change in our thinking that allowed us to move ourselves into a new lifestyle of freedom.  Maybe the following 8 reasons will inspire you. Is full-time RV living right for you?


8 Reasons Why You Should Full-Time RV | Deciding to live full-time in RV can be life changing. | www.streetswander.com


8 Reasons Why You Should Full-time RV


Reason #1 – Travel

The most obvious reason most people choose to full-time RV is travel.  Many people love to travel and doing it in an RV is a great choice.  Often, you travel with a limited time frame and by the time to you relax enough to enjoy yourself, it's time to go home. When you full-time RV you always have your home with you!  You travel with everything you need.  There is no problem with not packing your toothbrush or missing your flight.  You travel wherever you want, whenever you want.  Start making a list…you will be amazed at the places you really want to go but have not thought about because you think you will never get to.  This lifestyle lets you enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

Reason #2 –  Freedom

Living full-time in an RV can give you a chance to experience the freedom that you wouldn't normally get in your current life.  You don't have to stay in the same place very long. Or you can stay longer when it inspires you too. If you don't like your neighbors, drive on to the next destination. If you love your neighbors, make plans to caravan with them to a couple destinations.

Reason #3 – Meet New People

Traveling in an RV helps you meet new people often.  As you travel place to place, every turn is an opportunity to get to know someone you might never get to meet in your current life. These people are usually kindred spirits and are trying experience life the same way you are.  You can get inspired to do new things by making relationships with people who do different things than you do.

Reason #4 – Get Out of a Rut

I don't know about you, but Bryan and I were in a rut.  Doing everything society expected us to do: buy a house, work hard to pay for the house, pay off the house before you're 65. Save for retirement, work to save for retirement and the house.  Buy things we thought we needed to fill the house…..you get the picture.  Maybe this hits a chord with you.

Reason #5 – Change up Jobs

I don't know where you are in the realm of financial freedom but after working for years in a job that paid well but was a dead-end (mentally), you might be ready to do something different.  It can be scary to give up “security” (I don't know how secure a job is….you could be laid off tomorrow) or the ‘known” for the unknown.  This part of the reason to full-time RV gave us the most challenge.  You will have to shift your thinking to overcome this obstacle.  It can be done.  Many people are doing it.  There are many resources out there for you to explore.  One place to get more inspiration is listening to the RV Entrepreneur podcast.  This podcast explores people living this lifestyle and how they make money while living it.

Reason #6 – Do Things We Had Never Done Before

The full-time RV lifestyle can open up your mind and give you the courage to try new things.  While working and making ends meet, you may not have time for things you might love to do.  You will never know if you like do to them if you are stuck in the rut. (see reason #4).  We found that kayaking and riding bike trails were something we loved but we were too busy in our routines to try them.  We look forward to finding new things to try and expand our horizons before we can't. We always try to plan our travel with a focus to live and see things that matter to us.

Reason #7 – Live Life NOW

As you think about these reasons to full-time RV, you might realize that none of us are promised tomorrow.  Delaying our dreams can often lead to not accomplishing anything we wish we could.  When we bought our RV from another couple, we found out that illness was the reason they were selling it and they could no longer travel.  Now, I hope and pray that all of us will live a long, happy, productive and healthy life but the reality is that some us won't.  I don't want to regret not living my dream now.

Reason #8 – Simplify

When you choose to full-time RV, you are choosing a simpler life.  You can simplify everything you do when you live this lifestyle.  It comes with its own set of problems to solve but it is certainly simpler.  You need fewer things but you still need specific things  You won't spend money on things to fill rooms anymore…you just don't have space for them!  You have more time to do things because your space is smaller and doesn't take much time to clean. There are easier decisions to make:  what to wear, what to do, etc.  I find this refreshing and peaceful.  This did not come easily.  There is a process of giving up your stuff that is quite emotional.   I promise the outcome is tremendously freeing.


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We would love to hear your reasons to full-time RV.  Please leave your comments below.  Get out of your rut, travel, simplify, meet new people, do things you've never done before, change your job and LIVE LIFE NOW!!  See you on the road!  #StopWondering&StartRVing

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