Full-time RV traveling is a dream for a lot of people.  Most people think that it is only that and will stay that.  A DREAM.  Creating a full-time RV income can be a deterrent to making that dream happen. There are many opportunities to explore when trying to make a stream of income so you can travel full-time in your RV.  What is really takes is a paradigm shift in your thinking.  Are you ready to shift?  Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming income of ideas of your own.


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How to Create A Full-Time RV Traveling Income

Bryan and I fell in love with RVing when we bought our first motorhome on a whim.  I can’t recommend whim buying, but it worked out for us.  It helped us realize an opportunity for a revised path for our lives.  We began changing our thinking about what we wanted to do in retirement….then it changed to:  “Why do we have to wait for retirement?”  Well, practical me…said because these are our power earning years and we have to be responsible and fund our 401K’s!  As our thinking shifted…we realized that we could change gears and start a business on the road.  We researched other people doing the same thing and got inspired (and scared) but really inspired.

When wanting to make a change in your life, your thinking has to change first.  Thinking it can't or won't happen will probably get you that result….no where.  Your thinking can make you be stuck.  Stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship, stuck in life.  There can be real obstacles to overcome but the way to change things starts in your head.


The Journey to Freedom Starts in your head!

You may want to full-time RV.  But you need fulltime RV income. You also may not have a job that naturally transitions to the road.  Bryan and I didn't but our travel bug got so big we had to find solutions.

The first thing we did was look at workamping. Workamper News patented this definition: “Workampers are adventuresome individuals and couples who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines any kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping.”  This kind of income can lessen your monthly living expenses by giving you a free campsite in exchange for hours worked and often includes extra paid hours depending on the needs of the campground.  The type of work to be done is varied.  Workamper News is a wonderful resource to find workamping jobs all over the United States.  They offer a membership to help employers and campers find each other.  The membership has an intro level that is free so you can scope out what they have to offer.  The annual membership is $47.  We found it well worth it!  This helped us understand this aspect of opportunity on the road.  We became RV Lifestyle Ambassadors through them as one of our streams of income. Please use our Ambassador code if you sign up for a membership….AMB130.  Thanks!

Another thing Workamper News does for RVers offers an annual event called Workamper Rendezvous.  This year it will be in Heber Springs, Arkansas on October 16th to the 20th.  We attended last year and gleaned so much information on not only workamping but starting our own business to run from the road.  This is a great event to help get your thinking shifted from I can't have this lifestyle to I HAVE this Lifestyle!


Many Fulltime RV Income Producing Opportunities!

In your journey to full-time, you want to figure out the one thing that is on everyone's mind: How am I going to make money on the road? If you are fortunate enough to have a job/income that naturally transitions to the road, you are one of few. If you have retirement income even if you aren't 62 ish yet, you may be relying on that and might need to find a supplement. Begin to review streams of income and brainstorm things that you could pursue to make sure you will have enough money to travel and live on the road full-time.

If you don't have any idea what you can do on the road to make money, I have good news for you!! With an open mind and heart, you can create the life you want and find income to support yourself. This was our number one thing to overcome when we began this journey. Our jobs did not naturally transition to the road.  Luann was a practice manager for a doctor's office and Bryan had a machining background. Luann couldn't manage remotely, Bryan couldn't make parts remotely….what were we going to do? You probably are having the same questions.

When you research RVing, a common thread that reappears often is workamping. This is a good option to supplement your time on the road.  Depending on your monthly income needs, it probably won't singly support you.  The main reason for that is, if you are doing this before age 65 you need healthcare and that costs money! Lots of money! But that is overcome-able and I will discuss this later giving you the options I found to have healthcare options affordably.

Here are some of income education ideas and websites to get your creative income juices flowing!

Bookkeeper Launch –  Luann did this course. It was excellent. She highly recommends this course to anyone who wants to work remotely and is good with numbers. Luann had an accounting background and thought the course would be too ‘dumbed down' for her.  She was very wrong! Ben Robinson takes bookkeeping explains and educates you to start your own bookkeeping firm and grow it into a sustainable full-time remote income. If you have the inclination, this course is worth every penny! This course inspired her to create her own bookkeeping business and then solicit her current (at the time) employer to become my first client! I wouldn't have been brave enough without the encouragement of Ben at Bookkeeper Business Launch. Check it out here: Bookkeeper Launch

Become a Certified RV Inspector – Bryan did this training and it was worth every penny also. The basic class gives RV owners the confidence to diagnose and repair their own RV as well as extensively trains you on the systems of your own RV. After you finish the 1st class you can operate a business as a level one inspector. Once you take the following course, you are trained and ready to do level two inspections and create a business as an RV Inspector and/or Campground Maintenance Tech. Both and either of these skills can be done while traveling full-time. Once you are listed on the NRVIA website, you get referrals based on your location and willingness to travel. A campground maintenance tech can be done at any campground with a little networking and education to the campground you are already staying at. Check out the training you can get here: NRVIA.

The more education we received, the more our minds opened to the possibilities of creating a sustainable income on the road. Listen to Heath & Alyssa's RV Entrepreneur Podcast for more ideas and to hear people who are doing it and find out how they did it!

If you begin to think outside of the normal 9-5 job, you will find many opportunities to create something for yourself.  What are your skills?  Can you take what you are doing now and do it remotely?  Luann did!  But she didn't see that right off the bat.  We were determined to change our lives so the wheels were turning.  We had heard a speaker tell us to set a goal (for us that was the day we wanted to be full-time) and work towards that end with the goal in mind. It wasn't magic, but because we wrote it down, committed to it and circled it on our calendar, it was in the forefront of our minds and we had to figure out how to make money while we lived the RV lifestyle.

Over the months, we got creative and outlandish but this brainstorming got our juices flowing.  You can think this way too!  You can figure out how to make this lifestyle happen for you.

Start today...get a notebook and begin brainstorming things to earn money at.  You just might be surprised by what develops!  Let us know what you come up with!

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