Let’s face it, living spaces are limited when you live in an RV.  When we decided to live full-time in our RV, I started shopping for compact office machines that were smaller and still did a standard job.  I needed things to be compact, but sturdy.  I needed things that would take up less space when out to be used and still fit back into our storage cabinets.  Thank goodness technology is getting better and better and smaller and smaller.  I was quite surprised what I found to use and to fit!




3 Compact Office Machines for Small Spaces


Compact Office Machine #1 – Printer

Everyone doing business on the road needs a printer.  Printers come in all shapes and sizes. What we do know about printers is that their upfront cost isn’t as dear as the cost of ink.  I have just resigned myself to that cost and try to limit my printing to what is important.  If I need stellar looking items, like brochures, cards and handouts, I outsource them.  Anywhere, (virtually anywhere) you travel to or pass through, a good local printing shop can be found.  The key is to think ahead and plan for that stop and the time it will take to get that job done for you.  If you like to order online, you can use companies like vistaprint.com and plan ahead an order for delivery at your next stop.

I searched my favorite store: Amazon and found this Canon Printer  It is compact and easy to store and does the job of a basic color printer. Easy to set up and operate and had great reviews.  Again, for top-notch printing, I outsource.


Compact Office Machine #2 – Scanner

Next business or life had us needing a scanner.  When we had our sticks and bricks house, my printer had a scanner.  I also had a metal filing cabinet.  This set up was just too big for us in the RV. The scanning feature didn’t meet our scanning needs.  Business and life from the road require strategic storage.  I couldn’t take my filing cabinet (thank goodness!  I hate filing!) but life had all sorts of documents that needed us to have access to or archive for the big “what if”.  Paper storage in an RV needed to be rethought.  I saw many of the personal scanners and receipt managers out there.  After I did my research, I went again to my favorite store and bought this Fujitsu Scanner  I admit the price was more than I was expecting but when I experienced the ease of set up and use, I found the price worth it!.  It comes with great software to organize and name your documents and conveniently connects to the cloud (whatever cloud) you want to store your scanned items in.  Voila!  No paper laying around the RV!


Compact Office Machine #3 – Shredder

Of course, one thing leads to another. I now had my documents scanned and securely filed but what about that paper?  It had identifiable information on it.  I was spoiled when I had my job, I took all my important papers that had identifiable information on it and threw it in my shred box at work to be securely obliterated.  Now, in my RV, I only had a trash can.  I hated home shredders but now I needed one.  Of course, now the one I needed should be compact and still do the job.  So guess what happened next?  Yep!  I went to my favorite store!  Did my research and settled on this great find the Desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredder!

Compact Business machines

In Conclusion

I am very happy with my choices to help me with working on the road.  Living in an RV is not really giving up anything!  I would love any comments below that can share how you take care of business in your life!



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