Everyone desiring a full-time RV life is drawn to the travel. But the truth is most full-timers don't travel every day & we're sharing why.

Let's get started...Are you ready to discover how NOT traveling every day fits into a life of freedom and travel?

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This is Why We Don't Travel Every Day. 

This is Why We Don’t Travel Every Day

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Travel Days Are Tiring

Travel days are tiring.....even if you are excited and anxious to get to your destination, there is no denying that driving for hours, intense attention to keeping the RV in the lane and breaking camp and setting it back up again is down right exhausting.

You start the day out of your normal life routine....it's travel day!  Maybe you have less time for coffee or you just know when you wake up the day before you is filled with going down the road.   This starts the activity of an out of the norm day.

Then you have to put all the outdoor stuff that you drug out away and pick up the interior of the RV so you can get the slides in.

Next you start driving, depending on how many miles you will do today, you could end up aching in your seats from sitting too long and not to mention the focus it takes to be aware of everything on the road.

When you arrive and you find your site not easy to get into and have to make a couple of attempts to park, then you have to set up camp again....

Did I say it is tiring?  Yes, but we love it and we know what we are in for on these days and plan accordingly.  

This is one of the reasons we don't travel everyday.

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Traveling Every Day Isn't Budget Friendly

With campground fees averaging $45  per nightly stay....traveling often just isn't budget friendly.  

It is a good practice to work out staying longer in some destinations to help offset this cost and bring your travel expenses down.

Weekly and monthly stays are more cost effective, often giving you a night free or even a week when staying a month.

The next thing that impacts travel costs in fuel.  Limiting mileage between longer stays really makes great sense to maintaining your monthly budget.

This is the next reason why we don't travel every day.

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Enjoy Destination Discovery 

This is probably the number one reason we don't travel every day.  We love to explore destinations.

Staying longer in one place let's you immerse yourself in the town and locality.  You can figure out the best restaurant.  You can find that beautiful place to watch a sunset. Or that hidden gem that isn't found on Trip Advisor.

We like to do what we call 'field trips'.  Taking a day drive and finding things you might not otherwise see if you only stayed for a day or two.

Discovery of new places and hidden gems are what we live for.  That is why we are full-timing. 

To sum it up....traveling as a full-timer is fun and rewarding but traveling everyday will wear you out.  You didn't get into the lifestyle to burn out.

See if staying longer and immersing yourself locally will reap the rewards for you that we have found for ourselves.

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