Before You Buy an RV – Consider getting an Inspection

RVing is becoming wildly popular.  From weekend warriors to fulltime living, RVing has it’s own tribe. Are you considering becoming part of this tribe? If you are, and are considering a used RV, getting an inspection may bring greater piece of mind to your purchase.

Purchasing a new to you RV can seem exciting and intimidating at the same time. For many of us this is our second largest financial investments next to our home.  A lot of RV owners have chosen to buy a used RV because of the high cost of a recreational vehicle. Buying used can mean having a higher end RV than you could have owned if purchased new. Buying used can mean taking advantage of someone else taking the brunt of the depreciation cost. With those advantages, we often encounter questions, misgivings, and doubt.

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RV Inspections – Piece of Mind

Getting your potential RV inspected by a Certified RV Inspector before you buy, can bring great piece of mind and potential money savings.  When Bryan and I bought our first motor home, having an inspection wasn’t on our radar.  We bought on a whim and were at the mercy of the RV salesman.  Looking back, having an RV inspection could have helped us negotiate a better price and equipped us with more information about our new investment.   Ever seen the movie The Money Pit (1986 – I’m dating myself now)?  You could avoid a lot of the pitfalls of buying used by having an RV inspection first.

An RV inspection done by a Certified RV Inspector will give you a full report of the RV.  The report tells you what works and what doesn’t.  It alerts you to deal breaker items or helps you negotiate a better price. Click this link to see the points of inspection that are done in an RV inspection.

You can find a Certified RV Inspector near you by clicking on this link.  Or if you think you might like to train to be an Inspector and create a stream of income for yourself, consider the training courses available all over the United States.  Bryan took his training classes last fall.  They are interesting and informative!  He learned more in a week about our RV than he had known owning ours for three years.

We are now traveling and doing inspections wherever we are located.  The NRVIA site is kept updated with our whereabouts and links us to people needing inspections.  If you have any questions about this, email me or comment below.

Having a Certified RV Inspection will help you avoid the pit – the money pit, the disappointment pit and most importantly the stranded, ruined vacation pit. Nobody wants that!  😊

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