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Have you ever wondered how people get their mail when they travel in an RV or boat? When you plan to travel full-time or for an extended period time you need to have a plan for getting your RV mail.  Your bills, reminders, magazines, etc. are still happening even while you are traveling.  This guide to getting your RV mail while you are on the road will give you tips and resources to make this process easier.

Guide To Getting Your RV Mail | Need resources for getting your mail while you RV? | www.streetswander.com


Guide to Getting Your RV Mail 

Getting mail while traveling is a problem that is easy to solve.You could ask a friend or family member to gather for you and mail it to you periodically.  That can work but also can be a burden to them or a nuisance to you if they don’t mail your stuff to you on time.

You could find an RV mail service to handle your mail.  This is the option we chose for our travel time.  There a few great companies out there that give you an address, a real address so that you can receive your mail and/or packages.  They give you many options for your mail.  You can have everything that comes in mailed out to you on a schedule.  As you travel around, you can change the address of receipt when you know you are staying for a few days.  You can have them shred the junk mail and send you the rest.  The option I love is the scanning option.  They scan your mail and you log in and look at the envelopes.  There you have options to sort your own mail.  You can have them hold it, shred it or send it to you.  You are in complete control.

Getting RV Mail Resources

Escapees Mail Service is in Livingston, Texas. Their website navigates you through the whole ‘moving' to Texas thing. Escapees also have a Florida and South Dakota location. However, the drawback I saw was that your mail goes to Florida and is then sent to Texas for processing and delivery. They do have the scan and view feature for your mail so you can view your mail online and check a box to decide how you want it handled i.e. shred, mail to your next location or you can print it or save it to the cloud for your own purposes. Having this option may not make the Florida to Texas thing an issue for you.

My RV Mail  is a Passport America mail service and you get a discount as part of your membership. They are in Crestview, Florida and you can choose to just get mail or also have a Florida address.  Check out their website to see if this option is right for you.

St. Brendan's Isle – They are a complete travel/RV/marine mail service. They also provide the scan and view mail type service. This service is located in the small town of Green Cove Springs, Florida. They have great service that helps you navigate getting your tags, title, drivers license and voters registration. Since the town is so small everything is together and easy to do in less than 3 hours, if you have mailed certain forms ahead of time

This service is one we chose.  Since we were choosing Florida as our domicile as well, we drove down from North Carolina and stayed in a quaint bed & breakfast, woke up the next morning, did our duties and were back home in North Carolina by 10 pm that night. We didn't take the RV because we wanted to actually travel the opposite direction when we were free. If you choose this option, please give our names so we can get credit for referring you 🙂 Us RV'ers need to stick together.

My Dakota Address is the mail and domicile service for people who want to choose South Dakota as their domicile and mail service. They are in Madison, SD and they will help you set up everything you need to change your residency and get your mail.

Getting RV Mail Order Packages

Another aspect of mail service is receiving packages.  You can have your mail order packages sent to your mail service and the forwarded on to you when you request them.  However, that might take a lot longer to receive your items and you also may pay double shipping.

We manage our mail order packages by receiving them when we are camping at a spot for a while.  We tend to stay a week or two when we travel so this is a great option to receive packages.  Most campgrounds will let you send your packages to their office address.  Please call first and find out that this is ok. also while you are doing that confirm their address for accurate shipments.  Another handy tip is: when you are traveling a lot and won't stay an extended period of time, find a UPS Store and they will receive your package for you and you can pick it up for a $5 fee without having an address at their location.

Getting your RV mail doesn't have to be an obstacle when you travel full-time.  Picking any of these services is easy and affordable. just so you know, all three of these options can be just a mail service for you….you don't have domicile in that state to use their mail services. Let us know how you get or plan to get your mail in the comments below….we love to gather information that can help everyone!

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