Creating Income to support Full time RV Living

Fulltime traveling is a dream for a lot of people.  Most think that it is only that and will stay that.  A DREAM.

Bryan and I fell in love with RVing when we bought our first motorhome on a whim.  I don’t recommend whim buying but it worked out for us and helped us realize an opportunity for a revised path for our lives.  We began changing our thinking about what we wanted to do in retirement….then it changed to:  “Why do we have to wait for retirement?”  Well, practical me…said because these are our power earning years and we have to be responsible and fund our 401K’s! As our thinking shifted…we realized that we could change gears and start a business on the road.  We researched other people doing the same thing and got inspired (and scared) but really inspired.

We hope to be in the ranks of others helping others to fulfill financial and lifestyle dreams.  As we continued our research and brain storming we found some interesting options for making money that doesn’t require a 9-5 brick and mortar existence.  We both don’t have jobs that naturally transition to the road.  But we crave the road….what to do?

Over the last 6 months, Bryan and I have gone from ‘Oh no, we will just have to make do on a lot less money’ to ‘Wow! There is a myriad of things out there to do’.  If you just keep an open mind and think outside of your usual sheep following habits you will be amazed at the opportunities that are available to make your dreams a reality.  In our recent lives, that is how I felt…..bah,bah,bah,  following someone else’s dream of home ownership, retirement and living.  Our thoughts have been transformed from we can’t, we can’t now, we’re too afraid, How? To we can! We will! And we are!

Over the next few weeks I am going to investigate with you a variety of income choices.  One just may be right for you!!

Businesses and ideas that really work and all can be done from your RV wherever you park it!  We have done, are doing and researched all of these!

  1. Multi-leveling Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Workamping
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. RV Park Advertising Sales
  6. RV Inspector
  7. RV Maintenance Tech
  8. More to come!