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What is an RV Lifestyle Ambassador ?

An RV Lifestyle Ambassador helps other RVers with information, education and encouragement for the RVing Lifestyle. Through a program of items that support a person’s decision to RV Full or Part time, in addition to giving them a cadre of things to learn about and implement to help them achieve their dreams.

When Bryan and I began our RV Adventure, we were information hungry. We read one thing and it led to another and then another. We found people who shared about their lifestyle that inspired us.  This led us to develop this blog because that is where our heart is:  to inspire and encourage other people to live the rving lifestyle. We found many resources online that we kept returning to over and over again.

When Workamper News hosted a Workamper Rendezvous in Heber Springs Arkansas last year, we made plans to go knowing we needed to gather as much information as possible to help us on this journey. We didn’t think we wanted to workamp but soon realized this was an excellent opportunity to help fund our new lifestyle. When we attended the seminars, we realized there was more information out there about starting our own business through various opportunities. It stretched our thinking, realizing that a new lifestyle was going to be a change in our revenue-producing activities. We needed to find streams of income. How could we take the skills that we had or look deep within ourselves for new skills and create income to keep us on the road?


Producing Streams of Income While Living the RV Lifestyle –

Workamper Rendezvous helped to shift our thinking. It showed us we could workamp to pay for our site.  In addition, could become RV Lifestyle Ambassadors and share information and products that would help other RVers,  We learned tax strategies that owning your own business on the road would provide.  Everyone’s revenue-producing journey is going to be different and unique. Everyone has skills that can applied to doing or creating different things.  It’s just a matter of digging deep into ourselves and finding things that we can apply those skills to.

The following things have great given us value.  We have personally used all of the items we are sharing with you here. In the spirit of the entrepreneurial mindset, Workamper News developed this program. If you take advantage of any of the recommended products or services below, we get a small commission.  Please use our ambassador code when signing up for this things and help us continue to provide education and information for the RV Lifestyle to others.


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