The 10 must have apps for RVing help with specific things RVers need in their unique lifestyle. With the smart phones of today…there is an app for everything!    Apps are wonderful for searching areas for camping and gas.  Check out the 10 must have apps for RVing and download some help today!  

10 Must Have Apps for RVing


The Gas Buddy app helps us find the best price for diesel in the area we are traveling.  It runs by knowing your location from your location sharing on your smart phone. It also has a feature where you can link your bank account to save money on your gas/diesel purchases.  It is a nice app to have when you RV.

We are always wanting to know what is on the exit of a highway to make the best choice of next meal or fuel options.  We love our THE NEXT EXIT books but this is very similar and right on your phone! This app will locate where you are and help you find the rest areas along the highway.  It will also identify the food, fuel and other options you might want to know getting off the road.  If you want to pay, it can also give you updated fuel pricing for the exit too.  This a great app for RVing.

Cost: FREE with in app purchase for fuel costs     



Harvest Hosts is an overnight travelers dream.  You can find places to stay like wineries, breweries, golf courses, and farms.  Some have some type of hook-ups, others don't and you  would need to be self contained but staying is free!  Each of the locations have their own set of rules:  like running your generator, putting down your jacks or letting out your slides.

We tried our first Harvest Host experience at a brewery in Huntsville, Alabama.  Bryan called found out the info.  They told us what to do.  We arrived late afternoon, parked in their parking lot, let our our slides and went for pizza and beer!  It was a nice overnight stay and we probably would have bought dinner out that night anyway (we usually do when we travel) so staying was FREE!  We plan on taking advantage of all the many Harvest Hosts locations that occur in our travel plans. They have an app but you must sign up first on their website: Harvest Hosts.  Then download the app sign in and they have a cool map to start looking for places to stay!  App for IOS and Android.

Cost:  FREE but you must purchase membership         

Passport America has an app for their membership too!  Their discount on their parks can be substantial.  The app lets you find a park on the map and then links you to the campground information and the phone number to call to find out availability.  Handy for traveling when you need to find a place to stop and save some bucks! For IOS and Android.

Cost:  FREE to use but you must have membership to save   

The RV Travel Planner App is the companion to THE COMPLETE RV TRAVEL PLANNER.  The app and the printed planner are the perfect combination of planning and organizing your RV life.

Based on the free PDF: The Campground Reservation Log by Where the Streets Wander (yours truly), you can successfully organize your campground reservations on your phone for quick access and navigation. 

Can be used independently or in conjunction with the printed travel planner for a more comprehensive system of travel planning.

Cost: FREE to use

Another way to find boondocking sites is the Overnight RV Parking App. This is a good app if you boondock a lot or like to stay for free while you are traveling from place to place.  This app is great for finding quick stops like which Walmart, Sams Club or Cracker Barrel (and many others!) that may be a great place to stop of for the  night.

Cost: App is Free to download but you must have subscription of $24.95/year  



Weather App

Getting a good weather app can be tricky.  We always default to the Weather Channel one for daily use. It’s the one that comes on the widget with our mobile phones.  The other app we use is NOAA Weather Radar which will give us local notifications of tornadoes, hurricanes, wind, fire, flood and freezing wherever we are.  Along the way we discovered the Red Cross apps and have their emergency one too. See which of these is right for you! Recently, we were in an area that had a tornado watch.  The watch went to a warning and then we heard the local siren.  I was completely aware of what to do because the app had warned and updated me to what was going on in the area.  By the time the siren alerted, we were ready with the plan to move out of the RV into the club house to wait out the weather.   Cost:  Free

Compass App

A compass app can help your figure out your directions quickly and easily without having to find one in your RV or on the go.  Sometimes you just need to know your direction.  A compass can help!  There are a few free ones out there.  We us GPS Compass for Android.  If you have IOS, search compass and find one with good reviews. Cost: Usually Free  

Leveler App

An app that helps you see if you are level in your RV is a great thing to have!  We use Bubble Level but there are a number of free ones out there.  Try one out and you can tuck your big level away! Cost:  Free   The following apps for RVing were developed by fellow RVers Technomadia and The Mobile RV Internet Resource Center.  These apps are very useful!

The following apps were developed by fellow RVers at Technomadia and The Mobile RV Internet Resource Center.  These apps are very useful!

Coverage?? helps your plan your camping according to your cell phone provider options.  If you are dependent on data signal to work remotely, this app will help you!  Pick your cell phone carrier on the app and see if the campground your are considering is in your cell phone range. 

Works great if you have one of the 4 main carriers: Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. 

Cost: $2.99

US Public Lands App is an app that helps you find all the US Public Lands – that you as Americans have access to.  You can visit or find a place to camp.  This app will let you know what agency owns the land and how to handle your visit. This handy app is great for traveling out west especially where there is an abundance of public lands to camp on.

Cost:  $2.99  

State Lines App provides you with info about the state you are traveling into. Unique traffic laws, child safety laws, bicycle helmet laws, whether can you buy beer in grocery stores just to name a few.  Since states make their own laws for many variable things, this app will help you stay in the know when you travel there. 

Cost:  $ 4.99    

As technology grows and changes, apps are now part of the RV lifestyle.  Finding the right ones that work for you can take some time.  These 10 must have apps for RVing are the best we have found for how we RV.  Leave your favorites in the comments below….we are always wanting to explore new ways to organize and help ourselves simplify our RV life!        

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