These are the 10 must-have items for your RV kitchen.  These items will help you be able to cook all the things you like to eat without sacrificing precious space to do it!   Cooking in a small space can be challenging.  But shopping for new spacing saving gadgets can be fun!  These 10 must-have items for your RV kitchen are things I can't live without.  We have been living full-time in our RV for the past 3.5 years and these items are used almost daily.


10 Must-Have Items For Your RV Kitchen | Learn what items you will need to be successful cooking in your RV Kitchen. | www.streetswander.com


10 Must-Have Items For Your RV Kitchen

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Instant Pot

I LOVE MY INSTANT POT!  Yes, I’m sorry I yelled but I am super excited about this item in my cooking arsenal. It is so versatile….it’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker (crockpot), yogurt maker, rice cooker, sauté pot and food warmer.  There have been days when I cook that I only use this pot to make dinner.  Food tastes better, cleanup is easier and it serves so many purposes that it is a must-have to fit somewhere in your RV.


The pressure cooking function is new to a lot of people so I recommend this cooking series on pressure cooking from Laura at Hip Pressure Cooking.  This helped me understand the pressure cooking variables and gave me lessons to do to get comfortable using it.

You can literally search the internet for anything you want to cook and put instant pot after it to get someone’s version of it!



Collapsible Colander

A colander in the kitchen is a must-have.  However, this is usually the most unwieldy item to store. That is why I love my collapsible colander It folds flat for easy storage, doesn’t stain and is easy to clean.  My first one had a handle.  I much prefer the round one, it’s easier to use.



Magma Pots & Pans

OK…let’s be real here…..pots and pans in your RV kitchen are necessary but a complete pain to store! Sure you can store a few smaller pots, but if you live in your rig full-time you will at some point need bigger pots to cook in.  My rig had an induction cooktop when we bought it.  I had a set of very expensive Al-clad pots and pans.  They were induction cooktop ready so at least I didn’t have to buy another set.  I moved them into my RV and my handles were constantly getting stuck!  AUGH!  They were also so massive that I couldn’t store them as a set.  Finally, someone told me about the Magma pots.


These Magma pots and pans are designed for RV/Marine living.  They have removable handles and nest all together in one pot and can be bungeed together!  These pots are amazing.  Read the reviews on Amazon.  People were saying how they even bought them for their house cook set after they used them in their RV!  I bought my set and sold my Al-Clad on a Facebook yard sale site.  I sold my very expensive set for enough to buy the Magma pots.  I am thrilled!  They fit beautifully where I store my pots and pans and cook extraordinarily well.  You can choose between a regular set and an induction ready set.  I suggest you get the induction-ready set even if you have propane because you might someday change out your cooktop or add an induction cook plate to your kitchen arsenal.



I like my Nutribullet for many things.  I have a big RV and actually have my Vitamix blender in my cabinet….but in the last year, I have never used it.  I always use my Nutribullet.  It makes smoothies, salad dressings, soups, salsas anything I can think to blend up, it does.  It is much smaller to store and easier to clean.


Airtight containers 

Rectangle and square containers for airtight storage are very helpful.  Square/rectangle is easier to store and organize than round.  They fit nicely in your cabinets and keep clutter (open bags of nuts, flour, chocolate chips, etc.) organized.  I have these storage containers and have found them to be good quality and useful.


Glass Measuring Bowls

I have two sizes,  one 4 cup and one 8 cup They are versatile by being measuring cups and glass bowls for mixing or microwaving.  They also nest together for storage.  I have the original set and this set looks like they will nest even better!  I might have to upgrade.  The best price for these is on the Pampered Chef website.   The links I provided are to a friend's site that sells Pampered Chef.  If you have your own consultant already, please buy from them.  🙂



Spice storage

I have an awesome spice storage solution in my RV.  This was an additional custom item that the previous owners put in.  I so appreciate this feature.  I have included the picture of it here in case it inspires you to build one yourselves.

Custom Spice Rack| 10 Must-Have items for your RV Kitchen | www.streetswander.com


However, I know a lot of you struggle with where to put your spices.  When I had my smaller rig, I know I did and there are only so many bottles of spices you can store.

I came across this nifty spice storage solution that I thought looked great.  I wanted to offer it here to view as an option even though I haven’t vetted it yet.  If you try this one, let me know how it worked out for you!



Roll-Up Drying Rack 

I bought my roll-up drying rack when I still had my house.  It was a natural thing to move into my RV.  It is great to set-up for a drying rack.  It’s easy to store when you want to use your sink. It just rolls up and you can tuck it under the sink. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe for those of you lucky enough to have a dishwasher in your RV.  😊




I love Norwex.  They are a company that manufactures and sells high-quality microfiber cloths for any cleaning function you can think of.  What I particularly like about them is that they help me eliminate the need for storing cleaners in my RV.  Who wants to waste storage on bottles of cleaners?  Everything I need to clean my RV can be folded into a basket and stored in a cabinet.

My daughter sells Norwex and does Facebook parties to help people earn their cloths for free.  I will give her Norwex webpage here for more information.  I had a party to get most of my Norwex for free.  People seem to love them…I know I do.  It’s a green, sensible way of cleaning that doesn’t harm you or your family.


Coffee press 

I have to say that we have been through our fair share of coffee makers.  We have had a Keurig, an espresso machine, a Starbucks type pod machine.  After all the coffee drama, we now use a French press.  If you have never tried coffee from a french press, I think you are in for a treat.  They are surprisingly inexpensive, easy to brew, easy to clean and easy to store.  No-fuss here…just good coffee taste.




Please share your favorite items that you can't live without!  Post them in the comments below and help us all find cool things to make our traveling lives better!


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