Making campground reservations is an important part of RVing.   Remembering the information or forgetting to ask certain questions about a campground can be a challenge.  If you full-time, like we do,  it can be even more difficult when you plan out months or even a year in advance. A Campground Reservation Log can help you organize your camping reservations. Download a copy of one we developed for our travels at the bottom of this post to help you in your planning.

How to Keep Track of Campground Reservations | Use this unique form to organize all of your campgrounds in one place! | www.streetswander.com



How to Keep Track of Campground Reservations

One challenge that you can face when you RV, is keeping up with your campground reservations.  Sometimes, we have called multiple places in an area where we want to travel and gather information, only to forget which one was what.

That is where this campground reservation log can be a handy resource as you search and compile information.  It is also a great reminder of where you have been and maybe where you want to stay again.


Gathering Campground information

We like to ask certain questions about the campground and need reminding to get the answers while on the phone or website, so we don’t have to do it twice.

Since we full-time RV, I made a 3-ring binder with the Campground Reservation Log pages and organized the tabs by month.  If you prefer you could organize by state, If that is too many tabs for you, try regions to help organize your information.  If you are traveling for a shorter vacation, then you could organize by destination.


Good Questions to Ask the Campground

Campgrounds can fill up, especially during their season.  Making the reservation in advance is good but I always like to know what the cancellation policy is in case plans change.

We get our mail on the road so another important thing to us is if we can receive it there and what is the correct address so when we request our mail be sent to us, we get it.

Also, make sure that your GPS will get you to the campground. This is an important thing to know.  I don’t know how many times we have made a reservation and they have told us “Don’t follow your GPS!”  and give us landmarks or alternate routes.  I don’t want to take a chance and get stuck somewhere unexpected.  Our rig is 42-foot-long and we pull a toad.  Things could get hairy fast!

Getting all the various rates for the campground can help you make a better financial decision about staying there.  If you are looking to reduce expenses, often a monthly rate can save you money. You may choose to stay longer at that campground if it makes sense to do so.

We also pay for a couple of campground memberships and don’t want to forget to ask about the discounts! Read this article that shares how we save money while we RV. We are always eager to keep our money 😊


Campground Reservation Log

We developed this Campground Reservation Log that helps us in our RV Lifestyle.  You can download your free copy by entering your email address below.  We love to share with others and hope you can find a use for this form in your camping adventures.  We use this in conjunction with the tips you can find here:  RV Travel Planning Made Easy.

Campground Reservation Log | www.streetswander.com


This log is also used as a cornerstone in the travel planner developed specifically for RV travel.  THE COMPLETE RV TRAVEL PLANNER is a travel planner for every part of your RV life.  If you need a resource to keep all of your travel plans at your fingertips, you should check it out!


The RV Travel Planner Companion APP

Complete RV Travel Planner Companion APP | www.streetswander.com/app

To take travel planning one step further, we created a FREE RV Travel Planner APP available in your phone or tablet's app store.  This APP is the digital companion to our Travel Planner above. You can download it and use it to keep all of your campground reservations on your phone in a handy reference when you don't have access to your RV travel planner.



Making campground reservations can either be painless or aggravating. Use these tips to relieve the disorganization and stress that comes from scattered details and unanswered questions about your next destination.  Your travel plans can be organized in a simple, easy to use system that makes RV travel enjoyable!

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How to Keep Track of Campground Reservations