Hear the News!  There will be a price increase for the Senior National Park Pass on August 28, 2017. The  National Park Pass for Seniors will increase from $10 for a lifetime pass to $80 on August 28, 2017.  If you are 62 and older be sure to get your Lifetime Access Pass before that date!

National Park Pass Price Increase for Seniors | Don't delay on getting your National Park Pass if you are over 62! | www.streetswander.com

Price Increase for Senior National Park Pass

Right now if you are a senior age 62 and older you are eligible for a lifetime National Park Senior Pass for only $10.  This pass will give you entry into all United States National Parks for the remainder of your life. But on August 28, 2017, the price goes up to $80.  This will align the pricing for America the Beautiful Annual Pass for everyone and the Senior Lifetime pass to match.

Why the Increase?

There was legislation passed on December 16, 2016, that enacts this price change.  If you are interested in reading the actual language of the bill that became law, you can read it here:  HR4680 – America Park Service Centennial Act.  This pass has not had a price change since 1994.

How You Can Get Your Parks Pass

Getting your parks pass is easy!  Whether it is the Senior Parks Pass or the Annual American the Beautiful Parks Pass you can get them three ways:

  1.  In person.  This is the quickest way to get your pass.  Click here for a list of federal recreation sites that issue passes on site. 
  2. Through the Mail.  Click here for the printable application.
  3. Online.  Click here to follow this link to submit your application online

For online and mail order passes, the backlog is currently backlogged for 3 months.

Your Pass Isn't Just for National Parks

There are currently six agencies that honor your parks pass.  Don't miss out on other federal lands that offer great things to see and do.

National Park Service

US Forest Service

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Bureau of Land Management

Bureau of Reclamation

US Army Corp of Engineers

Your pass allows you free entrance into the National Parks as well as discounts of other on other amenities such as camping, swimming, boat launching, etc.

Whatever your age, the Annual or Lifetime Parks Pass provide incredible value and are worth having.  Our great country has worked hard and used our tax dollars to preserve and create beautiful places for us to visit and explore.

Let us know what your favorite National Park is or which park you plan to visit this year!  Comment below and let seniors in your life know about this incredible savings while it is still available.